Flash Gallery Slideshow Example: The Dark Knight

Mini Flash Gallery 3x3 picture frame total 9 pictures. when you click on thumbnails picture will sliding from left to right or top to bottom

Download mini Flash Gallery Slideshow 3x3 pictures

Download Flash Gallery Slideshow Source code

1. site 1 : download
2. site 2 : download
3. site 3 : download

How to mini Flash Gallery Slideshow 3x3 pictures

1. crop picture size 455x306 (9 picture) and copy to folder "flash-gallery-slideshow"

2. open file "gallery.fla" with program macromedia flash

3. select all 9 picture from library. right click and choose update..

4. click update button for update you new picture in to programe. it will be refresh in new picture

5. click keyframe in layer bg to change background color and click fill color to choose new color

6. ctrl+enter to test your gallery

7. finish !!! enjoy your gallery ^_^

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